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About Us

Have you ever wished you could ask a dolphin trainer how long a dolphin can hold its breath, or a falconer how they train their birds to always come back to them? Maybe you were star struck with the animal trainer at a free flight bird show or envious of the zookeeper who you saw cleaning the giraffe enclosure.

Teachers of Nature employs professionals in their field that have the hands on experience and knowledge to answer all your questions.

With such a diverse group of professionals and educators Teachers of Nature offers a class for everyone!

If you do not see a topic you are curious about we are always adding classes and instructors and would be happy to search for someone to teach your desired class.

We look forward to bringing the outdoors indoors and creating a greater passion for nature in your life.


Our Mission & Vision

Teachers of Nature aspires to expand the knowledge, understanding and passion that people feel for animals and their natural world.

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