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Cindi Cavallini

My name is Cindi Cavallini and I have been doing educational wildlife presentations for almost 20 years.

I have my own outreach organization called All About Animals and my own animals that come with me to in person presentations.


I am a graduate of the Exotic Animal Training and Wildlife Management (EATM) Program at Moorpark College.

I am a professional member of ZAA-Zoological Association of America and AAZK-American Association of Zoo Keepers.


I was a zoo manager for 16 years while doing wildlife education and then decided to start my own organization and bring my passion for animals to Texas. I have a variety of animals that help to get children excited and wanting to learn more about science and nature and the world around us.


My classes vary in topics from the rainforest to reptiles, animal body coverings, Animals of Africa, The Real Scoop on Animal Poop and even animal superheroes!


I believe that meeting and understanding more about animals helps children learn to appreciate and respect them as well as teach them empathy towards other living creatures and the natural world.

Most of my business has become virtual so instead of traveling like in the past my animals mostly just come to my educational studio now where I teach online classes.

Fun fact about me......I drove a semi-truck for 15 years while I was an aerialist in the circus!

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