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Oasis Camel Dairy 

The Oasis Camel Dairy is a unique family farm celebrating animals and humans working together and achieving extraordinary things!
Owners Gil and Nancy are known as the camel whisperers. Their educational programs allow people to observe these unique creatures up close and learn about their survival techniques that help them to flourish in the harsh desert they call home.
Their mother camels raise their own calves in natural, large pasture settings, and learn through gentle conditioning to share the milk, that is used to make extraordinary products.

Their RARE MILK Camel Milk Skin Care products including Camel Milk Soap, Camel Milk Lotion, Camel Milk Bath Bombs, Camel Milk Lip Balms and Camel Milk Serum are lovingly hand crafted by them on their family farm.

In addition to producing our Camel Milk Skin Care line, they enthusiastically engage in a variety of animal interaction events at the ranch, including Open Farm Days, Festivals, Camel Training and Handling educational events and so much more.

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