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Are you interested in Camps, Group Classes, Home School Classes or do you have a Special Request?

We bring the Outdoors Indoors!

Teachers of Nature supports teachers' virtual learning needs, parents as teachers, librarians, scouts and more, by providing a learning platform for curious learners with a focus on nature. Teachers of Nature supports instructors who are professionals in their field with experience and knowledge about nature and wildlife. Each instructor's profile has a slide show of specialized classes that they teach as a quick reference to help you find the perfect class that fits your needs and curiosity.

We partner with an accredited science teacher that offers science-based earth and animal classes and a college professor that can tutor and teach classes on anything related to biology. We also have professional instructors that can advise on best practices care for your reptiles, birds and other pets and can even assist in the training of animals. Learn from professionals who have spent their lives raising and learning about animals.

If you don't see a class that fits your needs, please send us an email with a special request. We also have referrals and connections across the US for in-person and virtual animal and nature classes. We are here to bring the outdoors indoors and bring more appreciation of nature into your lives.


30 Minute Classes - $99

45 Minute Classes - $149

60 Minute Classes - $169

Added Art/Activity - $25

Use the Arrows to scroll through what classes our teachers have to offer!


Allison Kaufman with Sakari.jpg

Allison Kaufman

Meet Dr. Allison!

This is the first time Dr. Allison has used her "title" outside teaching college, but she decided its important for kids - especially girls - to meet women who have earned PhDs - and to know that you can earn a PhD and still work with animals! Dr. Allison isn't a medical doctor, she's the type of doctor that does scientific research.

Marine mammals are Dr. Allison's favorite, and right now she works with and researches seals, sea lions and beluga whales. But she's worked at lots of places and studied lots of different animals and is super excited to teach you about them. Dr. Allison has two boys, two dogs, three rats, and an African Grey Parrot. Her Best Friend, Dr. Genet, is an entomologist (a scientist who studies insects) who often drops in on class!

Cindi and ferret.jpg

Cindi Cavallini

Meet Cindi Cavallini!

Cindi has been doing educational wildlife presentations for almost 30 years. She runs an outreach program called All About Animals, where she brings her own animals to in-person presentations to teach people more about Animals and their lives. Cindi has a variety of animals that help to get children excited and wanting to learn more about science and nature, and the world around us.

Cindi believes that meeting and understanding more about animals helps children to appreciate and respect them, as well as teach them empathy towards other living creatures, and the natural world.

Jay Clevett.jpg

Jason Clevett

Meet Jason Clevett!

Since 2008 Jason has been educating people across Canada about reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. A former volunteer assistant gorilla keeper at the Calgary Zoo, Jason has worked with animals ranging from gorillas to sloths, crocodiles to hawks, but his core love remains reptiles.


As the resident "reptile expert" on Animal Planet's SCALED in 2018, Jason has educated people in 195 countries about reptiles. He is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to Teacher's of Nature!

Bombay luv.jpg

Cassidy Jagger

Meet Cassidy Jagger!

Cassidy Jagger is the founder and Global Director of the Education and Conservation Society of Macropodidae (ECSM).Over the last decade she has become one of the leading experts in the raising, husbandry and conservation of various Macropod species. Cassidy travels around the world teaching workshops and working side by side with many rescuers, sanctuaries and other leading organizations in Australia who focus on the conservation of native Australian wildlife species and raising awareness of the inherent dangers presented by natural disasters, legislative issues and environmental concerns.


Abbey Krumrie

Meet Abbey Krumrie!

Abbey Krumrie has been working as a bird trainer and educator for over 11 years. She is a licensed falconer and certified professional bird trainer. Having loved birds all her life, she got her start working with raptors at the National Eagle Center, where she discovered her love for birds of prey. 

After working at several other amazing facilities, her and her husband decided to move closer to home to start a family. Not being able to stay away from raptors, they co-founded River Valley Raptors, Inc a non-profit organization devoted to conservation of the beautiful driftless area where they live.


Alyce Todd

Meet Alyce Todd!

My name is Alyce Todd, and I am a professional zoo and aquarium educator. I have been working in zoo and aquarium education for the past 20+ years.


I love helping people discover the animal world, sharing the things that make them work, and how important they are to the planet. My classes are interactive, I love it when we are all asking questions to learn more about the topics we're studying.


I have been eye to eye with tigers, orcas, dolphins, snakes, parrots and even sloths.

Endangered Ark Profile.jpg

Endangered Ark Foundation

Meet The Endangered Ark Foundation

The Endangered Ark Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring the future of Asian Elephants in North Africa, providing a retirement ranch for circus elephants, and educating the public about this endangered species.

The foundation was established in 1993 by DR & Isla Miller to help preserve the endangered Asian Elephant species.


The Miller Family's EAF elephant herd is one of the largest in the united states.

Aimee Pritchard.jpg

Aimee Pritchard

Meet Aimee Pritchard

Aimee Pritchard has been working as a zookeeper and supervisor for over 13 years at top-rated facilities. During this time Aimee has worked with a multitude of animals from birds to crocodiles and everything in between.


Her true passion is sharing her love of nature and animals with the next generation. Inspiring our next generation is the key to saving species everywhere.

Camel Dairy.jpg

Oasis Camel Dairy

Meet Oasis Camel Dairy

The Oasis Camel Dairy is a unique family farm celebrating animals and humans working together, and achieving extraordinary things! 

Owners Gil and Nancy are known as the Camel Whisperers. Their educational programs allow people to observe these unique creatures up close and learn about their survival techniques that help them to flourish in the harsh desert they call home.

Jamie Forbush.jpg

Nature's Nursery

Nature's Nursery

Nature’s Nursery Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Whitehouse, Ohio.


We provide medical care to injured, orphaned or ailing wild animals, and conduct conservation educational outreach programs for children and adults.

RepTacular Animals 4.jpg

Reptacular Animals Ranch

Reptacular Animals Ranch

Reptacular Animals has been providing educational programs since 2008.  


Founder, Jennifer Lagusker, wanted to create an organization whose main objective was not only to socialize animals, but provide a hands-on experience for inner city children and communities who might otherwise not get an opportunity to see animals up close. 

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