Tara Raney

Hello there! My name is Tara Raney.

I have been a teacher in the public school system for the past 23 years. I have also been teaching online for the last 3 years.


I have a Bachelor of Music Education degree and a Master of Education degree. I love sharing my passion for music and animals with children and adults.


love all animals. I have had the pleasure of owning horses my entire life.

Horses are kind and compassionate animals. They form a tight bond with their human and they can and will save your life if they need to.


I have also owned and shared my life with cats since I was a little girl. Some would call me a crazy cat lady.

Cats are smart, quirky and funny and great to have as a pet!

Everyone says "Dogs are a man's best friend"; well I don't know if that is true but I do know that my life would not be complete without a few dogs around!


One of my greatest friends is my Amazon Parrot, Baby!

He is LOUD and he has a very large speaking vocabulary (yes, he speaks English). He is funny and he loves attention! If he is not getting the attention he needs, he can be louder than anyone and everyone in the room!


I hope to meet you soon and share all of my animals with you!

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