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Virtual Programs

The holiday season is coming and we could all use some festive cheer this year. Let Teachers of Nature craft the perfect experience for all your occasional needs!

We are ready to help bring your group together and connect you more to nature in a virtual party space

See the below classes available now.

Teachers of Nature can accommodate specific animals and courses.

Our instructors are all over the US, with many more animals not listed on the website.


Fill in the Virtual Programs form to reserve and request your class.


Our Zoom classes can accommodate up to 300 participants.



30 minutes for $99

45 minutes for $149

60 minutes for $169

Aimee Pritchard.jpg


With Aimee Pritchard


Trick of Treat

With Beth Wood

Swooping Bat

Bat- Tastic

With Beth Wood

Turantulas and Spiders - Brenna Kleven.J

Spiders & Tarantulas

With Critterman Safari Guides

Vulture Online Class.jpg

Vultures & Vodka

With Critterman Safari Guides

What Big Eyes You Have- Owls

My, What Big Eyes You Have

With Abbey Krumrie

Barn Owls and Bourbon.png

Barn Owls & Bourbon

With Critterman Safari Guides

Nocturnal Animal Class.JPG

Nocturnal Animals

With Cindi Cavallini

Full Moon

Good Things happen After Midnight

With Cindi Cavallini

Reptiles 101.jpg

Alligator Night Hunters

With Critterman Safari Guides


Flyin Meat Eaters

With Alyce Todd


Creepy Crawly Critters

With Michelle Price

Image by Yujia Tang

What's Hopping

With Cassidy Jagger

Hanging Snake

Don't Hate The Strange

With Aimee Pritchard

Critterman_PhotoCredit_TrevorPaulhaus .j

Wanderers of the Night

With Critterman Safari Guides


I Can Hear You In The Night

With Beth Wood

Blue Chameleon

Slippery, Slimy

With Dr. Allison Kaufman

What Do You DO Emu.jpeg

What's My Name?

With Cassidy Jagger

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